Do you have an important presentation coming up? Whether you present regularly or rarely speak in front of others, I can help you feel confident when you enter the room and open your mouth.  Concrete tips and techniques from my extensive professional acting training inform my coaching. Let me guide you to find the voice that is truly yours, get your point across more clearly and feel confident when you speak.

Marianna’s approach is creative and transformative. She tailored our sessions to craft techniques that work for me, in my unique settings and situations. She looks at all angles—mind, body, and spirit—to help you shift focus away from trepidation.
— Cristina A.

Coachings are customized to your needs. Some factors we may identify in a session:


What is the point you want to leave them with? How can small, technical changes in your delivery lead to a greater impact? 


It all begins with breath: are you breathing? Are you breathy?
Do you speak to quickly or quietly? Are your words difficult to understand?


How do you practice on your own? What techniques might help to get "in the zone?" When you bumble, how do you
carry on?  Can we add more personal stories to the presentation? 


Do you have trouble "taking up space"? Are you frozen stiff? Do your gestures match the points you are trying to make? 



Individual or small group coachings available. Please contact Marianna for rates and availability.