If you or your manager feel your accent is in conflict with your professional goals, or keeps you from expressing yourself fully in a professional setting, please contact me for a consultation. My focus is less on "sounding American" and more on understandability and clear communication.  The process requires motivation and patience for long-term results, and a commitment to daily practice.  With dedication and the right coach, changing how you speak is possible.

Marianna has a degree in German and spent years in Vienna, where she taught topical ESL in high schools on a Teaching Fulbright and tutored individuals. This background, in addition to her graduate acting training gives me a unique view into, and a great sensitivity around, the subject of dialects and accent modification. ( If you’re an actor or theater company interested in dialect coaching, click here.)

A session may include:

  • recording how you speak to track your progress

  • identifying your 'trouble-sounds'

  • outlining the basic sounds in standard American speech

  • spending time discussing and exploring mouth posture and placement

  • listening to sound samples for examples of pitch, melody, stress pronunciation

  • exercises with a focus on repetition and how to incorporate what's been learned into every day speech

  • recommendations on community and online resources available Individual or small group coachings available. Please use the contact form for consultation information, rates and availability.

Marianna’s approach is creative and transformative. She tailored our sessions to craft techniques that work for me, in my unique settings and situations. She looks at all angles—mind, body, and spirit—to help you shift focus away from trepidation.

— Cristina A.
Definitely a professional who knows how to help people desiring to reduce their accent. Thanks to Marianna’s pin-pointed analysis of what I had to work on more, I was able to improve my pronunciation.
— Gloria C.